Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Archangels, Angels, Elementals, visions, dreams

Everyone dreams one time or the other, but quite often the dream is not remembered. The life of human beings and animals is that of twofold; we are human beings by day and spirits by night. When the body goes to sleep the soul awakens and when the soul goes to sleep the body awakens.

When we sleep and we dream, quite often it is the soul living in the world of the soul where we encounter other human souls, animals, and angels which all appear as human beings that we know or do not know. The dream world is the ideal place to meet the angels, for it is created identical to our physical world and we encounter things that are familiar to us.

There are two main types of dreams, those dreams that we see in vivid colors and those dreams where everything appears as shades of black and white. If you dream in color where human beings are seen like real people of flesh tone color those dreams are dream visions. In the dream vision the soul is actually moving around in the world of the soul and the people you encounter are either souls of human beings or angels. The majority of people dream in black and white, hence their dreams are unreal, but usually manifestation from the person’s subconscious mind.

In the dream vision of color, the archangels and angels take on appearances of human beings that you may or may not be familiar with. These type of dreams you will usually remember upon waking up for it is a message or teaching that is being given to you by your guardian angel or other angels. This type of dream usually occurs only when the person is in a deep state of sleep or when the person is actively making an attempt to communicate with beings in the angelic world. In these types of dreams it is like watching a movie, but you are also a part of the movie. You simply find yourself at a place and all the characters are there but you do not know how you got there.

The archangels in the dream visions always take on the role of a person in charge of several people. Hence archangels take on the appearance of a king, president, emperor, queen, judge, professor, CEO of a corporation, a manager of a business, store manager, pastor, or any person whose role is that of being responsible for many people.

The angels take on the role of workers, such as a doctor, accountant, lawyer, factory workers, clerks, carpenter, electrician, and the roles of workers in general other than being the manager. The seat of authority of the person that is in charge is the archangel, whereas the workers are the angels. As an example in a store, the archangel will be equivalent to the manager, the angels will be the workers such as cashiers or sales people and the human souls will be that of the customers. But the customers that you identify in a role of authority is an archangel. Hence to meet anyone in a dream vision that appears to be in the role of authority whether a professor or captain of a ship is an archangel, you can then distinguish the angels by the other levels of people around him or her.

Elementals in dream visions appear as animals such as lion, tiger, snake, wolf, fish, birds, and all kinds of animals. The four Elohim of the elements give manifestation to the environment that you are in, of buildings, land, ocean, trees etc, whereas the three Elohim of the race give form to the human form of the angels and the souls.

This appearance of archangels, angels and elementals is only the case if you are the one that called them into manifestation and it does not mean that this is their true form of appearance in the spiritual realm. It is not a good sight to see angels and archangels in their true form, for those appearances may not be suitable for the stability of the human mind.

The visions described in the book of revelation or by some of the prophets, I cannot vouch for them but I am certain that most of those visions must have occurred in the dream. So here is the question, if you were having a dream with wild animals such as dragons spitting fire out of their mouth, and other wild animals around you, would you not be terrified to the point of having nightmares?

Beth, Resh, Kaph, Tau
Baracata...may blessing be upon you
Ken Nunoo

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